Antlers PTO group raising money for students

ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- An usually large amount of flamingos has been spotted in several yards around Antlers.

It's the PTO's flocking program designed to raise money for Antlers ISD and their students.

"You can reach me or one of our PTO members and you can secretly flock a friend, a neighbor, a family member," Antlers PTO member Telissa Ayers said. "We'll show up with all these flamingos and a sign that says you've been flocked."

This is the second year that the Antlers PTO has done this program as they have already raised $800 starting back in September.

Individuals can make either $20 or $30 donations to flock someone or be prevented from being flocked.

25 homes and businesses have already been flocked over the past month.

The Pushmataha County Sheriff's Office was one of those targets and they're proud to be apart of it,

"Yeah it's artistic," Pushmataha County Sheriff BJ Hedgecock said. "I mean the way to raise money to help with their program. The PTO, they're involved with the school with getting school supplies for the kids that can't get them and it's a great program."

It's a unique way for the community to support their school district with money they need.

"And it's fun," Ayers said. "Something for the community that can make people laugh and smile and have a good time and it helps us raise money to do activities."

Not only with activities for the kids, but to help improve the schools that may need supplies.

"We have done so much for the kids," Ayers said. "We do a back to school carnival, we do an end of the year field day, we do dances, and even mid year when teachers run out of supplies for the kids, we gather all these school supplies and we go up and we give it to them. So we're very involved in the school and any needs that they need, we help with."

The PTO raised about $1500 last year doing the flocking program and hopes to reach a target goal of $2000.