Antlers paramedics recall moments leading up to finding a child in a ditch

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ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII)- A court hearing started Tuesday afternoon in Antlers and will continue into Wednesday after prosecutors review police reports.

The Assistant District attorney tells us four adults could be charged with child neglect.

Antlers Police Officer Keith Capps found the two-year-old at the bottom of this ditch in the rain covered in mud and bug bites close to the boys home.

Capps says three of the adults living in the home were not there when the child was found, but one man was in the home, unaware the child left the house.

"When I saw him there, there was no other people, children or adults in the area that I could see and when I yelled out, I did not get a response from anyone," said Capps.

Antlers EMS members Theresa Rayburn and Lani Braddy were watching a football game on Saturday when they got the call of a child in a ditch.

Rayburn says the child was alert and got no treatment at the scene, however they took him to a hospital as precaution.

"You could see struggle marks in the mud where the child had layed there and tried to get up and was unable to, from what it looked like to me. I could see where he was struggling in the mud," said Rayburn.

He was released the same day.

As a mother, Braddy says her heart was racing from the moment they received the 911 call

"It makes us all a little nervous because we are all parents, so we can imagine our children in that position so any time there is a child it kind of gets to us all," said Braddy.

Assistant District Attorney for Pushmataha County Maria Blakely says the child is in state custody now.