App feature lets local families know best spots to trick-or-treat

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Trick-or-treaters are almost out in full swing, and this year, social media is helping some neighbors find out who is home for Halloween.

This home on Timberline Ln. is using the new feature on Nextdoor to show families they're ready to give out candy.

The Treat Map is a feature on Nextdoor that allows neighbors to put a candy corn at their address to let neighbors know they'll be giving out candy. They can also put a haunted house icon to let others know they'll be hosting their own.

Locals John and Karen Talcott are using the app to make Halloween even better this year.

They've lived in their Sherman home in the Pebblebrook neighborhood for 21 years. Each year, they make their Halloween decorations bigger and better. Their front yard transforms into a mini haunted house, or what John Talcott calls a "haunted walk."

"The kids actually go through an entrance, they’ll walk through this camouflage net area and there's some surprises," Talcott said. "They see some things that are a little bit spooky. They get to actually walk through the cemetery which creates a fun atmosphere."

He said he added their home on Timberline Lane to let people know he's prepared for the night with candy and fun.

"We wanted to do that, we wanted to give everybody an opportunity to swing by and give everybody some treats," he said.

Denison Police Lt. Paul Neumann said he thinks the feature will make the festivities easier on parents.

"It's a good idea," Neumann said. "It'll also streamline the time parents spend taking their kids treat or treating."

If you're heading out to a local neighborhood to trick-or-treat, open up Nextdoor to see what homes will be participating in the fun this year.

Here's the link to the Treat Map:

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