App map shows Texoma cities with highest risk of illnesses like flu

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Feeling under the weather?

There's an app for that.

Sickweather is an app that tracks diseases in real time based on social media posts, self-reporting, and CDC demographic data to assign areas a "Sick score." Sherman, for example, got a Sick Score of 65/100, putting it at a medium risk.

Grayson County Health Department spokesperson Josh Stevenson said the flu in the county is at its peak.

"It's just about as high as we're expecting it to get we're hopeful those numbers are about to come down," Stevenson said.

The app shows the diseases that are trending in the area, sends out alerts to high risk spots, and gives an option to call a doctor over the phone.

Sherman is at a medium risk. The two Texoma towns at the highest risk for illnesses are Ada and Ardmore. In the country, Lubbock and Austin are the highest.

"I think anything that increases awareness for people, especially with flu-like illnesses that are out in their communities, I think is a good thing," Stevenson said.

But he said the app could be misleading.

"If it gives people a false sense of security, like if in your area, if it doesn't say high or something, I think that could be a bad thing," Stevenson said. 'Because maybe nobody's necessarily reporting."

Parents said they'll give the app a shot, but their best advice?

"Wash your hands. If you're stick, stay home. If you have a job, don't come," said local parent Kathy Wilson. "It's not worth it."

The app is free in the app store.

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