Archery champions compete in Paris tournament

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PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- Ready, aim, fire.

Over 1600 competitors are in Paris Texas this weekend for the Easton Southwest Shootout, one of the largest archery competitions in the country and one of seven on the Archery Shooters Association's professional circuit.

"We've been coming here for years to shoot in this event so there'll be a couple thousand shooters here this weekend, shooting for the belt buckle here and acquiring points for shooter of the year," said 11-time shooter of the year recipient Levi Morgan.

Shooter of the year; a title Levi Morgan has won eleven times and the reason he now has his own show - Bowlife - on the sportsman channel.

"It just kind of opened the door for me to move into the TV industry and do what I really love, which is hunt," said Morgan.

But Morgan says it's not all about winning this weekend.

"What started me in it was having fun and loving the game. If you don't love the game then you're never going to be great at it," said Morgan.

Archery Shooters Association President and owner Mike Tyrell says this tournament is dedicated to learning more and growing in the sport.

"It's kind of a unique opportunity to really see the best archers in literally the world. I've got guys here from Denmark and Canada. Obviously, you'll get large groups that come from Mexico. They love doing this and they're here. This weekend we'll probably pay out over $200,000 in prize money, said Tyrell.

Morgan is shooting this weekend for his 12th consecutive Shooter of the Year award at a venue he's come to know and love.

"It's been good to me. I've won here several times and so I like it here," said Morgan.