Arctic blast causes freeze across Texoma

Published: Jan. 1, 2018 at 6:16 PM CST
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It's day three of below freezing temperatures in Oklahoma and Texas, and Texomans are feeling the chill.

"The wind's cold, and it just makes you want to run to the house and get under the covers, it does me." Ardmore resident Mike Bray said.

Below freezing temperatures rolled into Texoma around noon Saturday, and haven't left yet.

"Personally, I don't care for the cold weather," Thackerville rancher Charyln Scott said. "Cold weather just chills me to the bone."

The weather has increased the workload for ranchers like Scott and her husband.

"It's kindly put a hardship on my husband, having to break the ice and get everything winterized as far as the feeding and the house, and the shops and all." Scott said.

And has caught some residents off guard.

"We were surprised," Lorrie Grant, who was out shopping with her daughter, said. "We woke up yesterday morning to see it was white outside, so we were really shocked."

Bray is having to rely on space heaters to stay warm, though he's trying to be safe about it, keeping them feet away from anything flammable.

"You have to be careful, because I've seen where several people have died from space heaters catching the house on fire, and you don't want that to happen." Bray said.

Though not everyone minds the cold weather.

"When it snowed yesterday, I stepped out and I wasn't dressed very appropriately for winter, and I just went out there and had a blast, so don't care." Lorrie's daughter Grace Grant said.

And with freezing temperatures expected to continue until Wednesday afternoon, those we talked to are buckling in.

"Wasn't it last year we had such a long winter? And we were in the ice forever, it seemed like," Scott said. "So this just goes along with it. It's okay, we'll survive. It's frigid, but it's okay."