Ardmore City Schools prepare for upcoming bond election

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) Ardmore City Schools is preparing for the upcoming bond election on Nov. 14.

Superintendent Kim Holland says the 48 million dollar bond will be used to build a new state of the art Performing Arts Center.

"When I got a lot of favorable 'yes we want you to do this from the community' then I started launching a plan and meeting with different groups to talk about bringing this to be a reality," Holland said.

Holland says the Arts Center will include many features including an 800 seat performance hall, dance studio, practice rooms and an outdoor amphitheater.

Chauvin Aaron is the Assistant Director of fine arts for Ardmore City Schools and says the students are currently renting facilities to practice in and that the new center will bring a permanent place for them to showcase their work.

"It's not just our performing arts students that will benefit from this, it's the entire district of Ardmore City Schools and our entire Ardmore community, so I think a vote for this bond is a vote for our community," Aaron said.

And people like Barbara Dunn who have children who attend Ardmore City Schools say it is about time the fine arts department receives an upgrade.

"We have been waiting all this time to try to get our fine arts program which are growing by leaps and bounds because we have excellent personnel so it's something that we have needed for a while and seeing it come to fruition," Dunn said.

The bond could increase taxes by 37 percent, so that means for every 100 thousand dollars your home is worth, you'll pay an extra 74 dollars per year if voters pass the bond.

Holland also says construction could break ground for the project as early as this summer and that it could be completed in three years.

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