Ardmore City Schools reject bringing in Charter School

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Ardmore City School board members unanimously voted to reject the public charter school coming to Ardmore early Friday afternoon, just three months after the proposal was submitted.

Brett Stidham is the founder of the public charter school known as Ardmore Community Academy.

Stidham says the school will focus on literature and math while meeting their emotional and social needs and that the school would accept students by a lottery.

"The Ardmore Community is bringing forward a new vision for what is possible for our children in learning," said Stidham.

During the special meeting, The Superintendent Kim Holland said he was concerned that the Academy did not meet the legal standards set by the Oklahoma Charter School Act.

In his recommendation statement, Holland noted that the Academy did not provide proof that the academic plan meets Oklahoma state standards and that the academy did not provide sufficient plans for transportation or food services.

"Getting their curriculum to match up with the state standards that we have to do so that our kids in Ardmore can be successful at the next level is going to be a challenge for them," said Holland.

Stidham now has thirty days to write back to the board how he plans on meeting on those standards and see if the board will change their decision.

"This was the first opportunity we had to address the board itself or receive any feedback despite many attempts to attain such in this process," said Stidham.

Stidham says he does plan on working the concerns addressed by the board and that his fight to bring in the public charter school is not over yet.

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