Ardmore City Schools vote to hold another bond election

ARDMORE, Okla. After voters turned down the performing arts center back in November, Ardmore City School board members are giving it a second chance in April with another bond election.

In addition to that performing arts center the board wants a gym at Jefferson Elementary school, new school vehicles, building upgrades.

The last time the school board asked to borrow money for the performing arts center, it failed by 33 votes in November.

This time they're asking for 4 million dollars less and they want to do more.

"I think that gives us an opportunity as a district to better educate our students and our parents about the reason why we need this facility," Chauvin Aaron.

The plans for the building haven't changed from November's proposal.

If voters approve it this time, the school will seek grant money to make up for the lower bond amount.

Assistant director for Fine Arts Chauvin Aaron says he and his students were disappointed when the performing arts center failed.

"With these facilities you are encouraging people to join the arts which makes them better students and better citizens in the long term," Landon Johnson said.

"You're helping your community," Ethan Childs said. "You're helping out your kids, you're helping future generations, you know, just more livelihood and more culture in this town."

And residents like Mike Whitson also want to see the center that will include an 800 seat performance hall and outside amphitheater come to life.

"The programs they have going on right now from a performing arts standpoint definitely need it," Whitson said. "They have the right people in place to grow those programs and you got to have a facility to maintain that."

The district says the property tax rate was voted to increase from 18 mills to 25 when voters approved the purchases of new school buses back in November.

If this bond is approved the district says it will stay at 25.

The election will take place on Apr. 3.

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