Ardmore PD trailer theft investigation leads to arrest of one man crime wave

Benjamin Tomlinson Jr.
Benjamin Tomlinson Jr.(KXII)
Published: Sep. 25, 2017 at 5:02 PM CDT
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A burglary suspect who took off before he could get what he came for left behind evidence that led police right to him.

When Ardmore Police arrested Benjamin Tomlinson Jr., investigators said they found evidence of other crimes.

Bobby Thompson and his kids were off at a middle school football game, this past Wednesday and when Thompson returned home a couple of hours later, his trailer was gone.

Someone drove right up into his yard and drove away with it.

"When we did the (police) report," Thompson said, "they said we would probably never see (the trailer) again."

Thompson says he was outraged about the theft because he relies on the trailer for his job, and often uses it to help his elderly parents.

But it wasn't long before the trailer was returned to him.

Also on Wednesday, a burglary alarm went off at Tractor Supply Company in Ardmore.

When police arrived the suspect was gone, but his truck and Thompson's trailer were left behind.

"About 16, 17 hours, and they were calling us, saying 'Hey, we think we got your trailer," Thompson said. "It was a definite relief, a big relief."

On Thursday police tracked the truck down to a Lone Grone home where police said they found a second trailer stolen from Orscheln's earlier this month -- and methamphetamine.

They arrested the homeowner, Benjamin Tomlinson Jr., and charged him with drug charges, grand larceny and failing to register as a sex offender.

Tomlinson is a convicted Oklahoma City sex offender, but had not registered at his current address.

"It's very uncomfortable," Thompson said when he found out about the failure to register as a sex offender charge. "My kids are out here playing, and what if he drove by and tried to snatch one of them?"

And that's why he is glad police were able to solve the case so quickly.

"I know they get a hard time and stuff, but if we didn't have them, that never would've happened," Thompson said. "And this guy who clearly didn't need to be on the streets is off the streets now, so thumbs up to the Ardmore P.D."

Tomlinson remains in the Carter County jail on a $2,000 cash bond.

He's next due in court on Oct. 19.