Ardmore School Board to change superintendents

Sonny Bates
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ARDMORE, Okla.-- At a special meeting that ended around 5:45 Tuesday evening, school officials discussed a mutual separation agreement with superintendent Sonny Bates, though there is no reason known for this separation at this time.

They also discussed the hiring of former Ardmore High School principal Kim Holland to serve as the new superintendent.

"A new superintendent is always a question and worries, but I think change is good. I welcome change." Mother of two Valaria Parrott said.

And while Parrott welcomes change to her school district, she thought superintendent Sonny Bates did an adequate job the past five years.

"I think he did pretty good. I mean, I'm not judgmental on people, I think people are going to do what they are going to do. But I thought he was alright." Parrott said.

However, not every parent we spoke to felt the same way. Donnita Burge has had two children go through Ardmore Schools, with a third still in school. She's pleased with the board's decision.

"I didn't like the way Sonny Bates did things, but I like Mr. Holland as a principal." Burge said. "He was really good for the high school. And we were sad to see him go. So I think it's a good thing him being a superintendent."

Holland resigned as principal in 2014 over a difference in philosophy with the administration. But when he he tried to withdraw his resignation, the administration said no.

Sheryl Bryson's entire family attended Ardmore schools. She hopes the change will bring a new set of priorities.

"Less focus maybe on their athletes and their football fields and more on the actual curriculum the school is presenting to the children." Bryson said.

More details from inside the meeting are expected to emerge soon.


ARDMORE, Okla. -- The Ardmore School Board has called a special meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday where an agenda states a superintendent shakeup is in the cards.

The agenda states the board will discuss a proposed a mutual separation agreement with superintendent Sonny Bates, and a proposed employment contract with former Ardmore High School principal Kim Holland to serve as new superintendent.

No reason has been given for the sudden changes.

Bates was hired in 2011.

Holland resigned as principal in 2014. Holland resigned because of a difference in philosophy with the administration, and when he asked about withdrawing his resignation, Holland was told his resignation would stand.

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