Ardmore animal shelter overwhelmed with increase in animals

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) Ardmore Animal Shelter has been overwhelmed by dogs with 175 coming in just this week, 500 dogs brought in during September.

The shelter said on Wednesday alone, 55 dogs were dropped off, 29 from shelters in other towns and 26 from the community.

The shelter usually sees high numbers beginning in April through the summer. By the time September and October comes, the numbers are lower.

Beth Marshall is on the board of director for Ardmore Animal Shelter and said that is not the case for 2018.

"For some reason, this year, we're just really getting hit with a lot of unwanted animals," Marshall said. "And, it's every day."

This spike has put a strain on the shelter staff.

In addition to more food and cleaning, new animals introduced need to be watched and checked often to make sure they get along with the other animals.

"It becomes a very time consuming process when you have this many kennels and then you have all these animals and you're trying to put them together," Marshall said.

Amanda Dinwiddie is an intake nurse and euthanasia technician for the shelter.

She said having multiple dogs in each kennel can be overwhelming for people looking to adopt.

"It makes it a little bit harder for them to really get to see a dog when there's two and three in one cage hopping around," Dinwiddie said.

All adoption fees for dogs are half price through the month of October.

There is also a $10 adoption special for dogs and cats who are senior age, have special needs or have been in the shelter more than two weeks.

All animals adopted are spayed and neutered.

"It really makes a difference to spay and neuter your pet in their behavior and also in keeping the pet population down."

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