Ardmore business establishes child safety center, produces Amber Alert-ready cards

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website says there were 424,066 missing child reports in 2018.

That's why Lexy Thompson, an Allstate agent and mother of two in Ardmore, opened her office as a year round child safety center under the Operation Kidsafe organization.

"There is nothing more near and dear to my heart than my own children," Thompson said. "To be able to help other children, this was kind of our commitment to the community."

Operation Kidsafe provides free Amber Alert-ready safety cards with a child's information.

Founder Mark Bott is one of five people who started the Amber Alert program in the United States.

Bott started Opertion Kidsafe 18 years ago and has safeguarded more than 1 million kids in that time.

The process of taking a picture and getting fingerprints for the card takes about 60 seconds.

There are also blanks on the card for parents to fill out with information like the child's physical appearance, full name and contact information.

If a child goes missing, the parent can take the card to law enforcement.

Chris Bryant, Carter County Sheriff, said having all the information together helps get searches started quickly.

"And if, God forbid, anything happens to one of these young people that we need to search and we already have everything on hand, in file and a picture and everything we can," Bryant said. "Then we can start our search immediately."

Bryant says the sheriff’s office plans to help Thompson as she brings this program to places and events throughout the community.

There is no age limit for kids to get a card and no data is collected. meaning all the information goes home with the family.

"Anybody can bring their children by at any point in time and we'll finger print them right here in our office," Thompson said.

Thompson's Allstate office is at 509 Grand Ave. in Ardmore.

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