Ardmore church burglarized Tuesday night, property returned hours later

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 6:36 PM CDT
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An Ardmore pastor is thankful to have thousands in sound equipment and instruments stolen overnight back at his church after a burglar hauled it all off in the church's van.

Ardmore police said someone stole property and the church van from Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church on 7th Ave NE.

John Roberts has been the pastor of the church for 15 years and said he was scared when he heard about thieves targeting his church for the third time and saw the back door open Wednesday morning.

"I was just hoping there was no broken windows and real property damage," Roberts said.

Ardmore Crime Scene Investigation processed the scene and the church van, which had been found near Washington Street and 2nd Avenue around the time the burglary call came in.

The church got back a majority of its property, which included a sound board, musical equipment and bathroom mirrors.

"The only thing that we didn't get back was the security that we felt," Roberts said.

The suspect did get away with an undisclosed amount of cash and offices in the church looked like they had been rummaged through.

Sgt. Brice Woolly with the Ardmore Police Department said they believe the suspect used the van for additional burglaries.

"Some of the property that was recovered also was additional property that has not been reported yet that we believe has been stolen from another church or a business," Woolly said.

Police recommend anyone with property they have not checked in a few days, to check it and file a report if anything is missing.

Roberts said he had been preaching the last few weeks on overcoming trials and to trust God and rejoice no matter what.

"I didn't know we would have to overcome this, though," Roberts said.

Roberts said this incident will not hurt his church's mission which plans to have its Bible study and youth program Wednesday night.

"We know God will make a way," Roberts said. "He's on our side so we're not worried. We're praying for those who committed the crimes and asking God that He would forgive them."

Police said they have not named any suspects yet but they are still investigating and talking to witnesses.

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