Ardmore city leaders 'hopeful' after Sunday's peaceful protest

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 5:52 PM CDT
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Around 130 people carried signs and marched the streets of

the in-custody death of 46 year old George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While some protests across the nation have changed into rioting and destruction, Mayor Doug Pfau said the protest in Ardmore remained peaceful.

"What is going on is such a big deal," Pfau said. "To come together as a community, what I saw was several different people of different races, genders and ages all coming together to talk about this important matter and to walk the streets and to raise awareness."

City Commissioner John Moore marched in the protest and said in a statement to News 12 on Monday:

"All that participated were respectful and nonviolent. Hopefully, the energy I saw yesterday will continue to make our city safe with equal justice for all. It will take all of us working together to get us where we need to be, not there yet. With God's help, we will get there."

Ardmore Police took to the department's Facebook page on Sunday evening:

"We at the Ardmore Police Department want to thank and commend all of the citizens who participated in today’s peaceful protest march. We strongly believe in the right of everyone to voice and express peacefully their frustration. Those marching allowed their police officers to provide traffic control and even supply the occasional bottle of water. We also want to thank those people that were patient with traffic delays. We are all Ardmore, and today is another example of how exceptional the people who live here are."

Pfau said he wanted to thank everyone who participated.

"I thank the police for being there to help move traffic and make sure they could go where they needed to go," Pfau said. "It seemed like it served the purpose it was supposed to serve and, hopefully, it will continue to raise awareness like it should."

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