Ardmore community takes part in 'bear hunt' to bring smiles while staying distant

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 6:32 PM CDT
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As people travel around Ardmore, they might be seeing more stuffed animals in front yards and on porches. It's all part of bringing smiles and having fun when a time of social distancing is a priority.

Teresa Dragg started a Facebook page called "Bear Hunt in Ardmore OK" Monday night after she saw something similar going on in her home town in Tennessee.

Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are put where they can be seen from the road, with a picture and a hint on the page.

Then, families with kids go on a "hunt" to find them, whether that be walking or driving, and share photos of the adventure.

"And I just thought it was a really cool idea," Dragg said.

Ashley Mason and her daughter, Ava, have a bear named Cotton Candy outside their house in Ardmore.

"It was a way to make people smile and it was a way to still be involved with our friends and our community but still with that social distancing that's so important right now," Ashley said.

Ryan McNeill and his three-year old son, Otis, were out hunting.

"I found two of the bears," Otis said.

Ryan said he had heard about the trend going on near Oklahoma City and in other states.

He said he was thrilled when he found out it came to Ardmore.

"It's been interesting that despite being isolated from one another, just neat little things like this are helping to pull us all together as community," Ryan said.

Tonda Hagan said she put out some of her grandchildren's old stuffed animals.

"The sentiment of a stuffed animal usually means a lot to people," Hagan said. "I've already had somebody stop to take pictures and the whole, entire truck full of people were just smiling and laughing. I think it means a lot right now to have happiness going on, instead of all the sadness."

The Facebook page has more than 1700 followers and has spread to other towns and counties in Texoma.

"I'm blown away," Dragg said. "I just had no idea that it would take off the way that it has."

You can find the

Facebook page here.