Ardmore family to participate in 10th and final A2A Race

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The Arbuckles to Ardmore Race for Mercy, also known as A2A Race, will have it's 10th and final running on March 31.

It'll be the last one because the advisory board says they struggle with getting enough volunteers to staff it.

The A2A Race raises money for the Mercy Cancer Center with a marathon, half marathon, 5K, and other races.

Sharyle Hunt says she started out volunteering for A2A and later started walking in the 5K.

"Our daughter, 20 at that time, was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment the very first time that we decided to participate," Hunt said.

Hunt says in Sept. of 2014 her daughter Kenzie was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme - a type of brain cancer.

Kenzie was living in Oklahoma City when she started having headaches.

"My husband and my youngest daughter went to get her to bring her home," Hunt said. "That night I laid down with her and slept with her and she had a stroke."

Hunt says they took Kenzie to the E.R. where doctors found a mass in her brain.

Kenzie was airlifted to Oklahoma City, underwent hours of surgery, and woke up paralyzed on her left side.

"Four or five days after the surgery we got the devasting news that the pathology came back and it was cancerous," Hunt said.

Hunt says Kenzie had a year of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and went to rehab to work through the paralysis.

"We just had our checkup in February, our last M.R.I. and she is cancer-free," Hunt said. "She is just doing awesome."

Kenize will be graduating this May from Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City with a nursing degree.

Now the family is preparing for their annual walk that they've turned into a weekend-long celebration.

"We just make it a celebration of life," Hunt said, "(A) weekend all about Kenzie and the miracle that God has done for her."

Registration for the races or to volunteer is still open.

For information about registration and the race visit their website below:

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