Ardmore hosts educational session for residents on medical marijuana ordinance

ARDMORE,Okla. (KXII) - The City of Ardmore is breaking down its newly adopted medical marijuana ordinance for residents.

Director of Community Development, Jessica Scott, believes most of the concerns from residents right now have to do with the fee's the city charges.

"They're not the most expensive fees the city has but it's a new fee and I think with new fee's people automatically - there's some issue with it," Scott said.

According to the ordinance, a commercial permit - for those who plan to grow and sell marijuana - will cost a total of $2,500 - $500 for an application fee and $2,000 a city approved permit.

Those wanting a residential permit - for home grows only - will have to pay a $100.

Money that Scott says will go back to pay off what the city has already spent on the ordinance.

"We estimated that we have already spent over $40,000 just trying to get ready for the ordinance - legal fees, training, and I'm estimating that we're going to probably spend $70,000 to $90,000 next year on it," Scott says.

The ordinance includes regulations mainly for those who are looking to grow marijuana or sell it.

For example, outdoor growers are required to have at least a 6 foot tall fence around their crop, that you can't see through, with a locked gate.

And dispensaries cannot be within a thousand feet of a school.

But Scott tells us changes to the ordinance are likely - one regarding the regulations on sprinklers in businesses will be proposed next month.

"We want the businesses to be successful and we want to help them just like we want to help any business in Ardmore," Scott said.

So far she says they've received three commercial permit applications and one residential.

She says anyone can stop by the office for questions or zoning maps that show where marijuana can be grown and sold.

You can find the ordinance here:

You can find the cost of fee's here:

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