Ardmore man reunited with stolen state championship ring 25 years later

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - It seemed to be a normal day for James Fagan, getting off work after cleaning and waxing the floors at Mercy Ardmore, when he got a message on social media from a stranger.

"I get off work, get this phone call from a lady that says you don't know me but by chance did you lose a ring - and I'm thinking, I don't have jewelry but I told her someone broke into my house and 25 years ago and stole a ring," Fagan said.

Not just any ring, the 1982 Ardmore Tigers a state championship ring.

The first championship for the Tigers, beating Bixby 14 to 7.

Fagan played defensive back and helped lead the team to a 14 wins and 1 loss season.

"We're still celebrating you know 35 years later, it was just an awesome feeling and getting my ring back brings back more memories of it," Fagan said.

Fagan said he was in Ohio visiting family in 1992 when he got a call that his house in Ardmore had been burglarized.

"My ring is gone, my brother, my oldest brother, I had his class ring," Fagan said. "He's deceased - it's gone and my TV's gone."

His brother was killed by a drunk driver, he's hoping someone out there knows where that class ring is as well so he can give it to his niece.

Fagan says no suspects were ever found and only his state championship ring has been returned 25 years later.

"She said what was your jersey number, I told her I was number 80 and she told me she found my ring and I was like I'm not going to believe it till I see it," Fagan said.

The woman told him she had found the ring in an abandon house in Ringling.

Now Fagan says he rarely takes it off.

"Reunited, it feels so good," Fagan said.

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