Ardmore Police arrest woman in connection with stabbing

Madison Martin
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Neighbors say they're shocked to hear a stabbing occurred so close to their homes. One neighbor says blood stains like this one are a disturbing sight to see.

"There's a lot, in the street, on the sidewalks, in the gentleman's yard," says neighbor Shelley Martin.

"This was like right out in my front yard, and when he woke me up I was like oh my gosh there are lights everywhere," says neighbor Kristina Everidge McLean.

Around 10 p.m. Sunday, a 38-year-old Ardmore man was stabbed multiple times.

Police helped the man until medics got to the scene.

"And my son come running in and he says mom mom there is something going on outside! And he was like somebody got shot somebody got, or stabbed," says Martin.

Martin says she saw the man laying in her neighbor's yard.

"I saw a man laying across the road, behind a tree, but with it being right here next to my house, it's scary. We have two kids in the house," said Martin.

After pulling over a car with five people inside, Ardmore police arrested Madison Martin, 18, on one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

State court records show Martin had no previous criminal history.

On her Facebook page, she claims to be a former Ardmore high school student who lives in Oklahoma City.

Police say she might not be the only person involved.

"There is something severe that really happened last night," says Martin.

"I hope it doesn't happen again, not anywhere close to my house," says McLean.

At this time police are not releasing the name of the man who was stabbed, but they say he was taken to Mercy hospital and then later airlifted to a Plano hospital for treatment. He is currently listed in critical condition.

Martin will be in court Tuesday for her initial appearance.

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