Ardmore police continue to investigate unsolved murder

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - It was four years ago when a driver found Ella Loftis murdered on her front porch on A St. NE - a case police are still working on solving today.

"At this point we are fairly certain that it was a person that was caught in the cross fire of possible gang activity," Detective Matt Miller said.

59-year-old Ella Loftis was found shot to death on June 30, 2014 on her porch where bullet holes from the shooting are still on the side of the house.

Now Ardmore police are giving it a fresh look with new detectives on the case.

"There are people that know about this, there are people who know who did this," Detective Landon Gary said. "You don't forget this kind of thing."

A statement proven to be true for people in area like Eder Arriaga who was over at a family member's house the night of the killing when he heard gunshots.

Soon after he saw the police and crime scene tape outside the Loftis home.

"I couldn't believe that would happen to an elderly woman that means no harm," Arriaga said. "It's just a horrible thing."

The detectives say police were called to the area a couple hours before Loftis was found dead for shots being fired - but didn't find anything.

Detectives believe the Loftis killing could be connected to the killing of Volonta Anderson.

He was shot and killed outside a local bar about 24 hours before Loftis.

Detectives think both deaths were a result of gang activity.

"We think the one could've contributed to the other," Miller said. "The reason being some of the members involved we are fairly certain, and some of them we have confirmed, are gang members." (Miller)

Detectives say the deaths sparked an organized crime investigation which resulted in the arrest of several persons of interest in the Loftis killing but none have ever been charged with her murder.

Police ask if you have any information to give their office a call.

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