Ardmore police department promotes seven officers

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) Surrounded by colleagues and their families, Ardmore Police Chief Ken Grace promoted two officers to sergeant and five officers to corporal at Ardmore City Hall Thursday afternoon.

Juan Galicia was one of the sergeants recognized.

"Since I've joined the police department, I've always strived to do more," Galicia said. "This is just another one of those steps for me."

Chief Grace said each officer was given their new rank around six months ago and entered a probation period.

Each officer had to pass written tests and interviews with the police chief, city manager and Ardmore residents to make sure they were qualified for the rank.

Thursday's ceremony was to end the probation period and officially confirm their new ranks.

"It's a pretty big deal to them," Grace said. "They work very hard to get here and accomplish this. We’ve got a very good department. As you’ve heard, crime rates are down. So, things are going well and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Before the promotion, Galicia had worked in the investigation division for two and a half years, but now supervises other officers on the midnight street patrol.

"I love the streets," he said. "I like hands on and being able to just go out and 'hunt' more or less. Or just be the first one to respond to the scene."

Corporal Landon Gary said he sees his rank as a symbol of experience and seniority within the department.

"We've been here a certain amount of time and we're able to pass a test based off information we're required to know for a day to day job," Gary said.

"I'm just very thrilled that the department has enough trust in me to be able to go out and do what they ask of me," Galicia said.

Here is the full list of Ardmore Police Officers promoted:

Sergeant Matthew Dunn
Sergeant Juan Galicia
Corporal Landon Gary
Corporal Jacob Glazener
Corporal Adam Goushas
Corporal Kevin Kropp
Corporal D.J. Long

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