Ardmore police respond to shots fired outside a gas station Sunday afternoon

Ardmore police are still investigating what led up to shots being fired outside a gas station yesterday.

Officials say it happened outside the Lasley's One Stop near Commerce St. and Myall Southwest.

Police say one man attacked another in the store, then ran outside.

The man who was attacked pulled out a gun and fired several times but did not hit the attacker.

Police say the man who shot the gun has come forward to police.

No one has been arrested.


Ardmore police responded to a shooting Sunday afternoon.

The incident happened at the Lasley's One Stop Conoco gas station at the intersection of Commerce St. and Myall SW.

Police said two men walked inside the station store at the same time.

A witness said the one man physically attacked the other, before running outside.

Police said the man who was attacked pulled a gun and shot at his assailant several times. Both men drove away.

One witness was in the store when the fight and shooting happened and said she had never seen anything like what happened before.

"I mean I've seen it on TV, but I've never seen it live. And that was live and in my face," she said.

The suspects have been identified but police have not made contact with them.

Police said nobody in the area should be concerned.

No one was hurt in the shooting. However, witness saw blood in the gas station and believe at least one of the men were injured in the fight.

Ardmore police officers at the scene say the department will begin investigating on Monday.

Do not approach anyone you might believe is a suspect. Call 911 or Ardmore Police at 580-223-1212.

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