Ardmore police search for suspect in fraud case

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "I'm like oh my god this is identity theft," Shelli Douglas said. "This doesn't happen to me and it did."

Shelli Douglas lives in Tishomingo.

She says she got a scratch off promotion in the mail from Fenton Nissan last month so she went to the Ardmore dealership and bought a Versa.

She says the salesman she worked with, David Henson, told her he'd mail her the tax, title and licensing paperwork but instead she found paperwork for a different vehicle.

"It was for a 2017 Nissan Titan Truck for over $54,000 and had my name all over it," Douglas said.

"I called the dealership, spoke to the clerk, she said it was a clerical error that kind of stuff happens - I understand that, " Douglas said. "I was going to mail the paperwork back."

But Douglas says Henson came to her house and picked up the paperwork himself.

A week later Douglas saw the truck purchase on her credit report so she called the dealership again and says an employee told her to call police.

She found out Henson had lied to employees.

"(He said) I was buying this truck for my brother because I didn't want my husband to know, that's why I wasn't there," Douglas said.

Court documents state that Henson used Douglas' credit information on the paperwork to buy the truck and to fill out a $77,000 loan application for it.

Capt. Keith Ingle says they now have a warrant out for Henson's arrest for identity theft and four other felony charges.

He says Henson was terminated shortly before the reports were filed.

Court records show Henson also used another victim's credit information fraudulently

"He was just using their information, their identification, their credit to purchase these vehicles for personal gain," Ingle said. "On top of that, (he) was receiving commissions for the sales from the dealership, so the dealership is a victim as well."

Capt. Ingle says the dealership is cooperating with police and investigators are chasing leads on Henson's whereabouts.

Police say to give them a call if you have any information on where Henson could be.

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