Atmos says no gas leak in Tioga

Atmos Energy says what Tioga residents thought could have been a gas leak Friday was just a product of routine maintenance and there is no reason for concern.

On Friday afternoon, some Tioga residents were feeling ill after a smell led them to believe there was a gas leak near the Lake View Apartments on U.S. Highway 377.

People next to the apartments and at a church, just a few hundred feet away, say they felt negative effects from the smell.

Tioga firefighters responded to the apartment complex and some residents had to be checked by paramedics.

Atmos Energy says the symptoms these people were experiencing were due to an odorant the company was adding to a gas line near the lake during routine maintenance. The company says it was a substance that should not have a big effect, if at all, on people.

One resident says Atmos Energy didn't step up.

"Basically, it was like reading off a script, there was no urgency about getting anything done," said Shane Jindra, a resident at the Lake View Apartments. "This continued onto the night around 9:30,10:00."

An Atmos spokesperson tells us there are currently no escaping gas and no leaks.

Atmos says they will be back at the site to continue their work on Monday morning.