Atoka man charged with aggravated assault and battery

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ATOKA, Okla. (KXII) -- An Atoka woman is recovering after police said she was assaulted by a male co-worker last week.

Craig Allen Viefhaus, 41, is charged with aggravated assault and battery.

A police report states Veifhaus went to talk to FirstBank President Mark Burrage about his employment status last Tuesday, threatened to fight him, then went over to the HR office.

The report states he was then talking with a woman in Human Resources about his recent termination at FirstBank when police said he pushed the 29-year-old woman to the floor saying she led a "witch hunt" against him. The woman said she hit her head and hip on the furniture as she fell.

"It was all kind of a shock to me when I first heard it, I was really surprised something like that would go on at our bank or in our town," Mark White said, who banks with FirstBank in Atoka.

Viefhaus left the bank after this incident, but the woman said she spent the next two days in the hospital with a concussion from hitting her head and multiple bruises from the fall.

He was booked into jail Monday and released on a personal recognizance bond.

But this isn't the first time Viefhaus has been accused of assault.

"I got upset that day, we were both angry," Logan Page said.

Logan Page was a junior at Atoka High School when Viefhaus was his football coach in 2006. He said they would always horse play, but one day it went too far.

"Next thing you know we are on the ground, he had me in a head lock to try to contain me, and we fell backwards and I passed out when it happened," Page said.

A jury found Viefhaus not guilty of assaulting Page. Court records also show another misdemeanor assault back in 1998.

Page did not press charges and said he has forgiven Viefhaus.

"I just pray for him, I hope it all works out, I don't want to see anyone in trouble," Page said.

But a bank customer said he would like to see justice served.

"I hope he get's corrected in some way instead of just letting him walk off again," White said.

The bank and the victim had no comment on the matter.

News 12 reached out to Viefhaus but did not hear back. He's due in court Wednesday morning.