Atoka man charged with manslaughter months after fatal UTV crash

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ATOKA COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- An Atoka man is charged with first degree manslaughter, nine months after a fatal UTV crash.

In July of 2017, 27-year-old David Mofield was driving a UTV on a county road east of Caney. Two of his friends were on board.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Scott Hampton said Mofield lost control and crashed, killing 25-year-old Kimberlie Beckworth.

"During that collision, the vehicle left a lot of marks on the roadway and rolled several times," Hampton said.

The probable cause affidavit states Mofield told authorities that he may have lost control due to a broken tie-rod on the UTV.

"We basically did an accident reconstruction on this collision," Hampton said.

After months of witness interviews and scene investigation, Hampton said there was no evidence that there was anything wrong with the vehicle. The weather and the road's condition weren't factors either.

"We concluded that the vehicle was operating at a speed that wasn't reasonable and proper for the roadway and most importantly, the vehicle was never supposed to be on the roadway," Hampton said.

The day after the crash, News 12 spoke to Mofield, who said he was devastated about what happened.

"How else could I feel? I just lost one of my best friends and the other one is still fighting for his life," Mofield said in the July 2017 interview.

We reached out for comment again, but he declined.

Hampton said Mofield's situation serves as a warning, wear seat belts and helmets and go slow.

"People usually treat these types of vehicles as a recreational vehicle and sometimes they lower their guard on it," Hampton said.

Mofield was arrested last week for First Degree Manslaughter and has bonded out of the Atoka County Jail.