Attempted child abduction reported in Paris

PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- A Paris neighborhood is on edge as police are looking into a reported attempted child abduction Tuesday night.

"They'll be staying inside the next couple of days. Inside, not outside," neighbor Karen Villalva told News 12.

Paris Police say they got the call around 7 Tuesday night.

A report that a man tried to kidnap a girl near East Washington and Southeast 5th Street.

We spoke with that girl's mother, off camera, who says her 13-year-old daughter was outside listening to music in the driveway, when a white, four-door car, which had been sitting at the nearby stop sign, pulled up in front of the driveway.

She says an older white man, around age 50, told the girl repeatedly to 'get in the back.'

She says her daughter ran away and told her what happened when she got home.

Her mother called police but by the time they arrived, the man and that white car were gone.

Neighbor Karen Villalva was frightened to hear what happened.

But she says her grandchildren are educated on how to handle similar situations.

"They know what to do. They know if they see someone coming towards you, run to a neighbor, bang on the door and say please help me," Villalva explained.

Paris Police Lieutenant John Berry says now is a good time to remind your kids of stranger danger.

"The best thing they can do is make a lot of noise. Scream, holler, away from that person," Lt. Berry added.

He says a good description of the suspect is key in catching these predators but kids should never put themselves in danger to try to get a better look.

As for Villalva, she's spreading the word of Tuesday night's scare.

And her grandson says he'll be keeping an eye out for his little brother.

"I usually pay close attention to him but now I'm going to keep a good eye on him."

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