Attorney for arrested Tom Bean councilman speaks out

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TOM BEAN, Texas (KXII) -- The defense attorney for a Tom Bean city councilman who was arrested for shooting and killing a dog is explaining their side of the story.

Police say Tom Bean mayor pro tem Lonnie Jones was upset because two loose pit bulls killed his 15-year-old cat in his backyard.

Officers say Jones then chased the dogs down the road and shot at them with a rifle.

One of them died and police say the other is still at large.

Jones's attorney says the pet cat that was killed was Jones's best friend.

"They would go sit out on the porch together," attorney Bob Jarvis said. "They planned their day together, get organized together, then these two dogs just went into his backyard and killed his friend."

Police say Jones was arrested for deadly conduct.

They say there was a couple in a car nearby when he was shooting.

"The state will have to prove that he should have known that there were other people down there that he was shooting at," Jarvis said.

Records show Jones is out of jail and still on city council.

The dogs owner have been cited for letting their dogs run loose.

Police say everyone involved will be held accountable.

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