Audit details what former Tishomingo superintendent spent school money on

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 6:31 PM CDT
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The audit lists over $78,000 worth of purchases former Tishomingo schools superintendent Kevin Duncan made for his own personal use, from cell phones and tablets, to pool salts and barbed wire.

After he read through the six page independent audit ordered by Tishomingo Public Schools, Van Shelton says he was disappointed to learn what all Duncan is accused of spending school money on.

"It stinks pretty bad. I work hard for everything I've got and I don't like to see people taking advantage of the system like that. Earn it, don't take it," said Shelton.

The audit states Duncan spent a combined $26,000 at Staples and Lowes on items like cell phones, an iPad, Beats speakers, a laptop, and pool salt.

Affidavits also say Duncan also used school funds to buy items like a 55 inch TV, rugs, and lamp shades for their Milburn home, which is currently up for sale.

Duncan also submitted $1400 on travel reimbursements, which was for a hotel with his wife Shelly who is currently on trial for an alleged sexual relationship with a teen student.

Tishomingo resident Johnnie Coffman says while he's known Duncan for years, he should pay the price.

"If you're a good guy, you can still go bad, and apparently that's what he's done. I hope it ain't true, but apparently it is, otherwise OSBI wouldn't be on his butt," said Coffman.

Duncan had no receipts from any of the purchases, all of which only required his signature.

The audit recommends future school district purchases require school board approval.

"They just need to take a closer look at where the funds are being spent, so that someone besides the person in charge knows where the money is going," said Shelton.

Duncan has not been arrested or charged with any crime at this point, and the case remains under OSBI investigation.