Audit finds lack of oversight at Murray County's 911 center

SULPHUR, Okla. (AP) - A state audit shows that financial supervision of Murray County's 911 emergency call center was so slack that governing board members once gave a $65,000 check to a company that was only required to be paid $650.

Inspectors say the Murray County 911 Trust Authority board took almost two months to correct the error. The authority received over $1.1 million during the audit period, which was July 2015 to June 2017.

The Oklahoman reports that auditors said receipts weren't provided for $5,730.25 of the $13,892 of the center's listed expenses on the authority's credit card.

State law mandates public entities to deposit funds daily or no later than the following banking day.

Auditors say a former 911 director held deposits for days, weeks, and sometimes months after receiving funds.

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