Austin College students showcase inventions during Innovation Expo

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 10:00 PM CST
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Tuesday was the first ever Innovation Expo at Austin College.

It was the chance for students to solve a problem, by creating a product to make things in life a bit easier.

Innovations like the Sturdy Straw, a straw that no longer moves around your cup or falls into your bottle of pop.

One of the creators of the Sturdy Straw, Chad Childress said, "what our sturdy straw does is add that layer of support where you can attach it to a cup and it stays still".

Anna Sergiovanni remembers her mother watching her tennis matches from the car because of the cold bleacher seats outside.

With that in mind a group of students with Anna came up with the Snug Patio Seats, a heated cushion that can be taken practically anywhere.

"You could take this product, take it to the park, or take it to a tennis match like Anna's mom would have liked to do growing up", said Josh Granberry, one of the creators.

All products showcased were designed by students and made on campus with prototypes using 3D software and printers.

Like the Chill Master, where you never have to worry about ice melting into your drink and ruining the taste.

Eva Natinsky, said, "so our thermos eliminates that problem by proving a separate compartment for the ice, then for your your drink, we can also have an ice pack that fits our thermos specifically".

Carlos Reyes helped create the Chill Master alongside Natinksy, he said, "this is definitely a unique experience that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else, so I'm really glad for it".

Anyone in attendance got to vote on their favorite product, the winner will be announced Wednesday.