Auto burglaries in Silo caught on surveillance cameras

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SILO, Okla. (KXII) -- Surveillance video of a Bryan County car burglary spree has been viewed on Facebook almost 30-thousand times. News 12 spoke with the man who posted the video of the crime in hopes it won't happen to anyone else.

"It was unlocked and they were able to get in, get out, cash out and go," said Jason Wilkerson, who shared his surveillance footage with News 12.

Wilkerson said two thieves got into his unlocked truck around three Sunday morning. It was parked in his driveway just south of Silo School Road.

"We didn't hear anything, we're sound asleep," Wilkerson said. "We wake up next morning, about to get into the truck, we're about to go to church and I see my wallet on the ground."

And discovered two-hundred dollars in cash gone.

"I forgot I left my money in my wallet," said Wilkerson. "Forgot I left the door unlocked and the one time I do it, they come."

But the crime was caught on camera.

"They came in through the back of the pasture of the corner of the house," Wilkerson said. "Flood lights come on, they see the flood lights, they run across to the neighbors house where they had three cars unlocked too."

Wilkerson said he posted the surveillance video to Facebook, where it's been shared hundreds of times.

"I wanted those people to see they were on video," Wilkerson said. "They weren't caught, they got a gift this time, but I'm hoping it won't happen to anyone else."

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office said they're looking into the case but the suspects haven't been identified.

As for Wilkerson, he said he learned his lesson and is now locking his doors and getting better quality surveillance cameras.

"Keep your doors locked, there's people going around," Wilkerson said. "I made a mistake by leaving my stuff in there and leaving my stuff unlocked and I didn't want to see anyone else go through that."

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