Balloon release held to remember Ardmore murder victim

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "Anybody that knew her loved her, " Karli's aunt Regina Clearman said.

"Yes, she smiled all the time, always smiling and happy," friend of the family Linda Lemley said.

Family and Friends gathered at the Ardmore Regional Park Wednesday evening to remember the lives of Lane Cooper and Karli Clearman.

Cooper died 8 years ago from an accidental overdose at a friends house in Dickson, no charges were ever filed for his death.

In November, Clearman and 28-year-old Justin Sullivan were found murdered inside a burned car outside of Clearman's home on Anderson St.

"It's sad that she got taken away from the people who love her, you know, in such a brutal way," Clearman said.

Clearman's family and friends held a balloon release to celebrate her birthday.

She would have been 24.

"It's sad she got took so young," Regina Clearman said.

Linda Lemley says she and her son grew close to Karli.

Lemley lost her son several years ago after he was stabbed to death.

"I really took Karli's death hard because it brought back all those memories and because Karlie was so close to me because of my son," Lemley said.

Lemley says she remembers getting a call on Nov. 11 from a family member to go check on Karli.

"I went running to her house and all the paramedics were there and her little sister was there," Lemley said. "She was crying and we just held each other and cried."

"If there's anybody out there that knows anything please come forward," Regina Clearman said. "Don't let this happen again to somebody else's family."

Ardmore police say the case was ruled a homicide and has been turned over to the District Attorney's office to consider if charges will be filed.

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