Bells employees suffer heat exhaustion, warn others

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BELLS, Texas (KXII) -- Two City of Bells employees were hospitalized last week after suffering from heat exhaustion.

Splash pads and pools are busy places in the summertime.

And so are emergency rooms.

Health officials at both TMC and WNJ tell us they've already treated several people for heat illness.

People like Destin Trott.

"Friday morning we had a major water leak on a six inch line and we just got a little bit too hot. My head started hurting, started sweating."

Trott works for the city of Bells.

He says while he was working, he had no idea he and his co-worker were experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Sherman firefighter, Towner Bailey, says it's important to recognize the symptoms.

"Signs of heat exhaustion are usually going to be dizziness, you feel pale and clammy," Bailey said.

Trott and his coworker spent several hours in the hospital, but both are now back at work.

"They kept fluids in us, kept our body temperature down," Trott said.

"If you ever get to that situation you need to find shade, you need to get in a cool place, drink water, stop whatever you're doing find shade," Bailey said.

Bailey says its especially important to check on kids and the elderly during the summer months.

"If they're not acting right and if they look dizzy, if their skin is pale or discolored or if their cheeks are really rosy then get them inside," Bailey said.

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