Bennington council, community discuss future of town amidst possible investigation

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BENNINGTON, Okla. (KXII) -- At Thursday's council meeting, city officials said an investigation into the Bennington Police Department is possible.

Back in September, State Rep. Justin Humphrey talked with residents and decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to investigate the police department's ticket writing practices.

"They're writing tickets right and left -- high dollar tickets," resident Doris Lynn said.

Bennington Police Chief Kris Robinson resigned in November and Chabon Williamson took over as chief. Robinson said his resignation has nothing to do with the investigation.

According to Williamson, the two full-time officers in a town of 280 gave out 36 tickets in November and ticketed 40 people in October.

Williamson said he doesn't think the department has anything to hide.

"If somebody is speeding or any kind of violation, they should follow the laws," Williamson said.

But resident Doris Lynn said she's concerned about the number of tickets being handed out.

"I think it's too much, we don't need a cop, we need a night watchman to check the town," Lynn said.

At Thursday's meeting, the other full-time officer resigned and a new one was hired.

Moving to the council seats, Mayor Idanell Wright resigned in November following a lengthy dispute of the legality of her position and another council member resigned as well. Two new members were sworn in Thursday.

Both police and citizens said they are ready to have a fresh start.

"There's been a bunch of corruption in city council, the past city council, the new city council is trying to work on it and go from there," Lynn said.

"I think we need better communication and I think that if we work together as a community, that things will get better," Williamson said.

We reached out to get an update on the request for an investigation, but have not heard back from Humphrey.

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