Blake, Gwen and Speaker Ryan drop by 'Ole Red'

Published: Nov. 24, 2017 at 5:53 PM CST
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"It was just something else," Bobbie LaFevers said, "It really was."

Wednesday evening Bobbie LaFevers along with family and friends were celebrating a birthday at Blake Shelton's Ole Red restaurant, when three unexpected visitors came in.

"In walked Paul Ryan first, Speaker of the House and then double duty, we got to see Blake Shelton walk in, him and Gwen," LaFevers said.

LaFevers says she was shocked to see all three of them right here in town.

"Everybody was just going ballistic getting to see him," LaFevers said, "It was pretty neat."

LaFevers says this was not the first time she has seen Blake Shelton in Tishomingo.

She ran into him at the local grocery store years ago but at the time LaFevers says did not realize who she was talking to.

"Everyone said, 'Oh Bobbie did you know him?' And I said 'Know who?' and they said 'It was Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert' and I was going 'I didn't even know it,' " LaFevers said.

This time LaFevers says she was able to take some pictures of the group and even had her grand kids with her who also enjoyed the surprise visit.

She tells us the next time she see's Shelton, she won't be as shy.

"I hope I get to meet him and say 'Hi I'm Bobbie LaFevers - I met you twice but didn't know it,' " LaFevers said.

The longtime resident says she's proud to see the publicity Shelton has brought to Tishomingo and hopes the town continues to develop and attract more people.

"(I) never dreamed we would have such a celebrity here though," LaFevers said.