Bobcat spotted in Denison neighborhood near Waterloo Lake

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII)- Pictures of a bobcat were taken early Monday morning by a game camera from a family that lives close to Waterloo Lake.

The family told us a total of five turkey hens and guineas have been killed or gone missing after they found paw prints in their backyard over the weekend.

Game Warden Daron Blackerby says bobcats can be drawn to rural areas.

"Especially that area, its a park and there's trees and water and all sorts of stuff like that. Wild animals do tend to show up in places like that, especially if they are hunting mice or ducks this time of year," said Blackerby.

Blackerby says if a bobcat is spotted within city limits, you can call the game wardens office if the animal is being a nuisance.

However, he says they typically run away if they see people or larger animals.

"Just don't leave anything out there, because they're opportunistic. They're going to try to eat whatever is available. If you leave cat food or dog food out there they're going to draw in other animals and they may have the tendency to attack somebody's pet and we definitely don't want that to happen," said Blackerby.

Blackerby says bobcats are mostly nocturnal animals, and will do most of their hunting at night.

"Just be cognizant of things that are out there in the wildlife and there are wild animals out in Denison you know, where there's water. They got to hunt and survive too," said Blackerby.

If you do spot a bobcat in the wild, Blackerby says they likely won't attack you, unless they feel trapped or cornered.