Body found in Ardmore creek

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Police say the kids found the body in a creek just between G Street and Burton Street on second avenue.

"Their children had been playing in the nearby creek and the kids had reported to their parents that they believe they had found a body in the creek," said Sergeant Brice Woolly of Ardmore Police Department.

Ardmore police blocked off part of Second Avenue while the medical examiner and the crime scene unit investigated for about three hours.

One woman tells us she noticed something strange as she made her usual trip to the store a few days ago.

"As I was passing by, I could smell an odor and I said to myself, I said it smells different from an animal. I said I hope it's not someone like that," said Vanessa Jones.

Authorities are not releasing much information, including the identity of the body and whether it's a man or woman.

"We are treating it as a suspicious death and so we want to make sure that we investigate fully and give the family of the person closure," said Sergeant Woolly.

"It's kind of scary you know, for kids to be walking and for me to be walking and to think they found a body you know, and from now I am going to be more alert when I do come through here," said Jones.

The body has been sent for an autopsy but an official cause of death may not be released for about a month.

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