Bois d'Arc Lake construction underway, set to bring millions annually to Fannin County

Published: Mar. 24, 2019 at 5:37 PM CDT
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Commissioners say the incoming Bois d'Arc Lake is the biggest thing to ever happen to Fannin County.

Laura Henriquez and Thomas Brewer manage the Hidden Valley RV park near Dodd City, just feet away from where the shore of Bois d'Arc Lake will soon be.

"We've seen a lot of changes, I think it's for the better," Brewer said.

Bois d'Arc Lake, a $1.6 billion dollar project being built by the North Texas Municipal Water District, will encompass 16,641 acres and bring recreation like boating and fishing to Fannin County.

Henriquez said more than anything it'll bring jobs.

"Bonham is sweet, but there's very limited opportunities for young people here," she said. "So hopefully with this change, we'll see some growth."

The water district estimates the lake will bring 2400 new jobs to Fannin County, and their website says it'll contribute about $166 million in economic activity annually after it's built.

"With the income and landscape, it's gonna be the biggest thing that's ever happened here," said Precinct 4 commissioner Dean Lackey.

He said crews have cleared about 90 percent of trees and brush, and they're halfway done with the more than mile-long bridge off FM 897.

"It will be the only bridge across the lake. It'll connect US 82 to FM 1396 so it'll be heavily traveled."

Lackey said they've recently passed zoning regulations and there has already been interest from developers.

"Lot of interest from commercial folk, marinas," he said.

All three agree it will benefit future generations more than anyone.

"My children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren are already excited about it," Brewer said.

The water district plans to begin filling the lake next year and have the project complete by 2022.

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