Boswell police chief fired

BOSWELL, Okla. (KXII) - The Boswell police chief is fired and many people in the town are not happy about it.

Former Achille Assistant Police Chief John Choate will now be the interim Boswell police chief.

Monday night three council members voted to make it official.

Last month, Choate resigned as an officer in Achille after getting offered the role for police chief there.

A week ago now former Boswell Police Chief Mark Fuzzell was suspended by the city because the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, or CLEET, revoked his license to be a police officer.

This isn't the first time he's been fired by a city.

Back in 2014, KFOR reported that Fuzzell got fired by the town of Paoli, and he told reporters it was for insubordination.

The next year, according to CLEET records, his law enforcement license was suspended for not renewing his training.

Months later, it was reinstated.

The same thing happened in June and he got his license back in July.

But CLEET said he worked during the time he was suspended from June 22 until July 17, violating the law.

Fuzzell said it was just one day for the town's homecoming, but that's why he got his license revoked.

Oklahoma State Representative Justin Humphrey came to the meeting Monday.

He said Boswell citizens came to him with accusations of wrong doing among city officials.

"You can fire me every time for serving and protecting my community. I don't serve and protect the town council, and I'm not a ticket writing cop to make the town money," Fuzzell said.

None of the Boswell city council members would comment, citing the ongoing investigation, and they never gave a reason for firing Fuzzell.

Humphrey said he'll be sending a letter to the Choctaw County District Attorney and the Oklahoma State Auditor advising them to look into the citizen's concerns, including Fuzzell's termination.

Fuzzell said he appealed his termination to state officials.