Boy Scout recognized for saving a man's life

POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - A teenager is being considered for a national Boy Scout award for saving a man's life.

He ran to the rescue when he saw his neighbor's house on fire a couple months ago.

"I'd heard him inside yelling 'help,' and I just didn't even think about it and ran inside," said William Durrett.

That's what Durrett remembers about the moments before he ran into his neighbor's burning house.

"I heard this explosion and I ran outside and noticed his garage was on fire," he said.

Grayson County Fire Marshal Andy Brazie said they still aren't sure what sparked the flames, but a gas leak is most likely the cause.

When the 16-year-old saw the man's clothes on fire, he noticed he was in shock and pulled him outside.

"It was really hot in there," Durrett said.

Officials said the man suffered first and second degree burns, and the fire destroyed his home.

He lived across the street from Durrett for six years, and they'd go fishing together.

"I feel like if I wasn't there then he might not have been here today," Durrett said.

Local scoutmaster Kevin Heady said that's why he nominated Durrett for the Boy Scouts of America Heroism Award when a scout attempts to save someone's life with risks to their own.

"I didn't think that I needed any awards or anything, but it's what happened," Durrett said.

Last month, Circle 10 Council, which encompasses central north Texas and part of Oklahoma, presented him with the Heroism Award, an honor Heady said is rare.

Now Heady said Durrett has a chance to be nationally recognized for his life-saving efforts.

But the young humble hero said he's just glad he was there.

"I'd do it for anyone," Durrett said.