Boy bitten by rattlesnake in Johnston County

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MILL CREEK, Okla. (KXII) -- Johnston County emergency manager Jason Bryant says rattlesnakes aren't strangers to Oklahoma.

"We have about five different kinds of venomous snakes here in Johnston County, it is getting cooler outside but on warmer days they will find their way out," Emergency Management director Jason Bryant said.

Colton South, 7, was bitten in the leg by a rattlesnake near the Big Rock area in Mill Creek over the weekend.

Johnston County EMS says South had to be airlifted to an Oklahoma City hospital for treatment.

"I talked to a gentlemen earlier today, who said he almost stepped on a snake, a timber-rattler two weeks ago and he said it didn't even rattle," Bryant said.

That man was Tishomingo Wildlife Refuge manager, Rick Cantu.

Cantu says it's important for people to stay away from snakes they can't identify.

"I don't want to scare people away from snakes, but they need to be respected , especially the poisonous ones," He said.

The emergency manager tells me places with small crevices are great places for snakes to hide.
He also says people should be aware because they can blend in with leaves.

South's mother Jessica, says he was given five bags of anti venom and is scheduled to have another bag tomorrow.

She tells me her son stepped on the rattlesnake not knowing what is was, because it was hidden under leaves and it didn't rattle.

Jessica says they're praying the treatments work because he isn't progressing, and is in a lot of pain.

"A rattlesnake bite is very, is very serious, do not take it very likely--seek medical attention as soon as possible," Bryant said.

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