Boys and Girls Club temporarily closes in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Carter County Boys and Girls Club spokespersons announced earlier this week that they're shutting their doors in Ardmore temporarily.

"It's heartbreaking to think we have to shut down for this time, because we don't want to lose that participation, we want the students to continue to come." Leslie Kutz, said.

Kutz is the treasurer for the Carter County Boys and Girls Club,

The decision wasn't easy, but Kutz says after losing three certified staff members, they had to temporarily close their Ardmore location Tuesday so they could staff their Wilson location, which has more students, many of them younger than the kids who attend Ardmore's club.

But replacing those staff members won't be easy, Kutz said.

"You plan to have a safe, educational environment for those people's children, for citizens of Ardmore and Wilson, and other areas, so we want to live up to that, honor that," Kutz said. "We want to make sure our employees are trained to those standards."

And while the closure could last a few weeks, their dozens of regulars do have an alternative. The H.F.V Wilson Community Center is just down the road.

"We're going to open our doors, and we will create some fun things for the teens to come up here and hang out." The community center's director Jacob Lohse said. "We will make room for them for sure until the Boys and Girl's Club opens their doors."

With an after school program of their own, they want to help.

"That's what we're here for," Lohse said. "We're here for the community, and for the kids of the community to come up here and recreate.That's why we call it recreation."

Meanwhile, Kutz says they're working hard to open back up bigger and better than ever.

"I drive by here every day several times, and not to see the bustle of activity, I don't like it," Kutz said. "I'll be happy to see the students back in here."

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