Brisket off the menu at one Sherman BBQ restaurant due to COVID-19

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Cackle & Oink owner Aaron Vogel said for the first time in 22 years, something big is missing on his menu.

"There is no brisket," said Sebastian Salas, a customers who tried to order the brisket sandwich.

Vogel said they usually cook 200 pounds of brisket a day, but the price he would normally pay his meat supplier has tripled.

"Last time we bought brisket, it was $6.33 a pound. Last year at this time, it was $2.73 a pound. We can't go tripling our prices," said Vogel.

He said his suppliers Cisco and Ben E. Keith do have a supply of brisket, but the prices are high because there are fewer people working at these plants.

"But the packing plants aren't taking them (the meat) because they don't have the workforce to process all of these," said Vogel.

Brisket is the highest selling item on the menu, and he's worried another meat may be on the COVID-19 chopping block.

"Experts are saying pork is going to be next. Pulled pork and pork butts are our second big seller. What happens when we take (pork) off? That's the scary part," said Vogel.

He plans to add deli meat to the menu to offset some of what may be lost from the lack of brisket sales.

"I can continue to buy this meat, but then I would have to raise my prices to just ridiculous amounts, and then the consumers aren't going to come in for that," said Vogel.