Bryan County businesses effected by first confirmed coronavirus case

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - Many parking spots in downtown Durant were open Wednesday afternoon, now that non-essential businesses were forced to close by the state. However one essential business will stay closed on their own for a couple weeks.

"Regardless if we're an essential business or not, we can slow it down much much quicker," said Dustin Belvin, owner of the Remedy in downtown Durant.

Belvin said closing until April 6th was a tough decision because of how business was a week ago.

"We've had the best week we've had in a long time. A lot of people we're coming in and stocking up on their on meds just in case they had to stay at home. So in the midst of having really really high revenue, we decided to shut down anyway just to help the spread of this," said Belvin.

Other businesses, like the Old Ice House Beer Garden, are staying cautious.

"Every time someone comes up here, we actually spray down the counter after they left with a disinfectant," said co-owner Kyle Norwood.

Durant Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Janet Reed said 150 businesses in town get to stay open.

She urges folks to stay healthy and practice social distancing, but said shopping locally can help keep businesses afloat.

"Any time you are spending money in that respet, that money is creating sales tax revenue for the city. We have got to continue we make sure we support our businesses on a local basis," said Reed.

"We can get this thing knocked out, everything can go back to normal much much quicker. But if we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to drag this thing out for three months. We ain't got time for all of that," said Belvin.

Follow the link below to find out details on what businesses are considered essential.