Bryan County man arrested after shooting self in neck

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BOKCHITO, Okla. (KXII) - It happened at this home off Norman Street in Bokchito Thursday night around nine p.m. Witnesses News 12 spoke with said ex-boyfriend came over with a loaded gun.

"Cops were everywhere, it caused quite a stir," said witnesses Heather Payne and Tammy Vandenburg.

Payne and Vandenburg were inside making dinner when Payne's ex-boyfriend, Jerred Farrell, showed up and fired two shots outside.

"About that time he busted the door and had the gun," the witnesses said.

Then Farrell went inside.

"He brought the gun up and shot himself in the head," the witnesses recalled.

He then fell to the ground, but he didn't stay on the floor for long.

"Witnesses said he got up and walked outside, got into a car, drove himself to his aunt's house and aunt and uncle drove him to Alliance Medical in Durant," said Bokchito Police Chief James Heil.

Police said the bullet only grazed the back of Farrell's neck and he wasn't seriously hurt.

The bullet went on to hit a freezer, where deputies found it lodged.

"Firing a weapon inside the home is inherently dangerous," Chief Heil said. "You never know about ricochets not to mention the sound of percussion in there just damaging people's hearing. Never know if it will go through the walls and hit other houses."

Payne said Farrell has been taking their breakup hard and hopes he gets the help he needs.

"It's not just them hurting themselves," the witness said. "It hurts everybody around them."

After his medical treatment, Farrell was immediately arrested for possession of a firearm after a felony conviction or during probation and taken to the Bryan County jail.

Officers were told a nine millimeter handgun was used in the shooting, but that gun hasn't been found.

Police said this incident is still under investigation.

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