Bryan County pipeline construction

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BRYAN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Midship Pipeline has been hard at work in Bryan County and across the state of Oklahoma, building a 200 mile pipeline through eight Oklahoma counties. But Thursday, they announced another project.

Company vice president Jim Previtt says they're committed to improving the communities where they operate.

But for congressman Markwayne Mullin, a contribution like this isn't something you see everyday.

"Midship they're being not just a partner, but they're being a good neighbor," Mullin said. "We see energy companies come in and out and they employee local individuals, they help, but it's very rare to see them actually reinvesting in the community like this."

This tornado season, the community of Blue lost the lives of two women after a tornado that hit on April 30.

It's believed the two women couldn't hear the sirens from their home, and didn't get enough warning.

That's why the money will go toward putting up more outdoor warning sirens, improving reception for first response radios, and a new digital alert system to send text messages ahead of a dangerous storm.

"This is not a company where I'm going to them and say 'hey would you do this?,' this is a company coming to me and say 'tell me, what do y'all need? What can we do for you?'" said Rep. Justin Humphrey.

Anyone who lives in Texoma can get weather alerts for free with the KXII weather authority app.

It will track where you are, an tell you exactly what kind of danger is headed your way.