Bryan County sees spike in flu cases

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- Sarah Hughes, a high school recruiter for SOSU, says she hasn't been able to visit schools in surrounding counties because they have been shut down for the flu.

"I'm glad they're closed just because I don't want to be going into schools that are just infested with sickness and the flu and stuff like that," said Hughes.

While no Bryan County public schools have been forced to close this year due to illness, the Oklahoma Department of health says 14 people in Bryan County have gone the hospital because of the flu since September.

That's more than any other county in Southern Oklahoma.

Director of Student Wellness April Lehrling says one Southeastern student tested positive for the flu last week.

"There are environments where we see illness spread more quickly so again, K-12, college environments, places where people are living in close proximity to one another or they're working in close proximity to one another. There's a greater risk of spreading germs when we're so close together like that," said Lehrling.

Lehrling says the university offers free flu shots for all students.

She also says Southeastern doesn't plan on canceling any classes, but university officials are keeping in contact with the Bryan County Health Department to monitor local flu activity.