Bryan County tornado claims second life

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BLUE, Okla. (KXII) - A second woman has died as a result of the Tornado that swept through Bryan County Tuesday night.

Damage caused by the tornado in Blue, Oklahoma.

Mike Varner, the great-nephew of the victim, says Mary Draper and her husband were admitted to Medical City Plano for injuries sustained in the EF-3 tornado. Draper died from her injuries late Thursday afternoon.

Varner lives on Five Doe Road in Blue next to his elderly great aunts and uncles, Mary and Charles Draper, and Helen and Charles Foote.

He was at home with his son when the tornado touched down.

"He comes running down the hall hollering 'tornado! tornado!' And I said no. Anyhow, my wife stepped out in the hall and she came in there and said its a tornado," said Varner.

Within seconds, the tornado hit.

"They got in the bathtub and I went over and opened the window in the bathroom, and as I did it just sucked it up and I just dropped down then. And it was just like instantly it was over," said Varner.

Varner and his family found Helen and Charles Foote first, then soon after found Mary and Charles Draper.

Varner says Charles Draper had broken ribs and a punctured lung from the storm, while Helen and Charles Foote suffered a broken leg and neck, respectively.

All three are expected to survive.

Varner says he expects Charles Draper to be released from the hospital in the next couple of days.

The tornado also claimed the life of 58-year-old Debby Boyd on Tuesday.

In Stephens County, a Duncan man was found dead after being swept away by Wednesday's floodwaters.

The tornado damaged over 70 homes in Bryan County, and an additional 27 more in Atoka County.

As they mourn, Varner says they have to move forward, cleaning up and rebuilding whats left of their family properties.

"We'll just have to carry on," said Varner.

The severity of the storms this week prompted Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to declare a state of emergency.